Lethbridge County approves devlopment of Growth Studies for county hamlets

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In a recent council meeting, council had approved the development of Growth Studies for all the County's Hamlets. The purpose of the Growth Studies is to show the logical areas for growth within and adjacent to County hamlets. The Fairview Growth Study commenced in January of 2021 with the assistance of Steve Harty from the Oldman River Regional Service Commission.

"County Administration sent out a survey to the hamlet owners as we have done for all the other hamlet studies (and) we had done that in June of this year with comments due at the end of June and we had sent out 63 surveys, so that's how many properties there were in hamlet, and we had 23 responses," said Hilary Janzen, supervisor of Planing and Development for Lethbridge County.

Throughout the comments presented to the Growth Study project, they had been reviewed, and some adjustments had been made.

The draft growth study was posted to the county's website in August. A follow-up letter was sent to the hamlet landowners providing them with an opportunity to review the draft Growth Study and submit any additional comments by Aug 10, 2021. No comments were raised regarding the drafted plan.

The final Fairview Growth Study addresses the existing state of the hamlet, where future growth may be directed and what type of growth is preferred. There is no opportunity for outward expansion of the hamlet as it is bounded by 43 Street on the west, Highway 512, and the research lands to the north and the SMRID Canal on the south and east.

The most significant opportunity for growth is the lands on the east side of the hamlet. It has been determined that if there is sufficient sewer capacity in the future, the grounds would be most suited to residential development with some hamlet commercial/industrial redevelopment.

For further information, visit the Lethbridge County website at lethcounty.ca

Jaxon McGinn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Sunny South News

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