LGBTQ+ fans are all saying the same thing about Netflix's Single All The Way

Photo credit: Philippe Bosse/Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Philippe Bosse/Netflix - Netflix

Christmas 2021 is almost here, and it's shaping up to be a good one thanks to all of the new festive films we've got to watch this year. One of our latest faves is Netflix's Single All The Way and, while fans have already been very vocal about their favourite character from the movie, they're also full of praise for the plot too.

Single All The Way follows lead character Peter (played by Ugly Betty's Michael Urie), who, in a bid to stop being 'the single one' at Christmas, persuades his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to pretend to be his boyfriend in front of his family. Jennifer Coolidge and Kathy Najimy also star and, yep, we're officially obsessed.

Sharing their love for the film on Twitter, LGBTQ+ fans have come forward to discuss the movie - and everyone's saying the same thing.

Photo credit: Philippe Bosse/Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Philippe Bosse/Netflix - Netflix

Comparing Single All The Way's storyline to other LGBTQ+ Christmas films that we've seen in recent years (or LGBTQ+ love stories in general, tbh), viewers were quick to praise the movie for not centring the storyline around coming out.

One fan wrote, "Single All The Way was such a cute movie. Kinda refreshing to have an LGBTQ+ Christmas movie that didn't involve problems with coming out or anything."

Another agreed, adding, "I watched Single All the Way last night, and it was honestly so nice to watch an LGBTQI+ Christmas film, and as well an LGBTQI+ film that isn’t about the terror of coming out. I feel seen, I felt heard, I felt positive about my life."

"Single All the Way was so adorable and perfect," wrote a third. "This feels like the first gay love story that isn’t a toxic relationship or a coming out story. And I’m utterly obsessed. I’m going to watch this 40 times. @netflix THIS is how you do a representative story."

We're here for it - and here's hoping we see more of the same soon!

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