LiAngelo Ball got asked on a date at his own Lithuanian press conference

LaMelo, LiAngelo, and LaVar Ball were introduced at a press conference in Lithuania, and like everything the Balls do, it was insane. (AP Photo)

Lithuania has caught Ball Fever. It started when LaMelo Ball, LiAngelo Ball, and their father LaVar arrived in Lithuania on Wednesday, and they were greeted at the airport with a reception that’s usually reserved for boy bands or pop stars who got married in Vegas. LaMelo and LiAngelo are just there there to play basketball and start their professional careers for Prienu Vytautas, but everyone is already obsessed.

The outbreak of Ball Fever continued on Friday when their new team introduced the three Balls at a press conference. If you want to know how the whole thing went, the last question sums it up pretty well: a local reporter asked LiAngelo out on a date. Seriously.

Evelina Pavliukovic of LNK TV’s KKT started by telling LiAngelo that she liked him, asked him out on a date, and when she didn’t really get a response (to be fair, the entire room was laughing uproariously), she asked LiAngelo if he had a girlfriend. He didn’t answer her then, either, just saying “I’m just here to play,” and “no comment.”

That question was the capper on a press conference that appears to have been highly entertaining. Both LiAngelo and LaMelo got their jerseys, but the team had one more jersey to give out.

Of course LaVar Ball, Papa Big Baller Brand himself, got his own jersey. And the joke was just so obvious, right?

It’s a joke. It’s clearly a joke. LaVar Ball is not going to play basketball with his sons in Lithuania. No matter how ripped he was when he was younger, it’s not happening.

If LaVar Ball has a time machine hidden at his house, maybe he can bring the younger LaVar back to present day and they can all play Lithuanian basketball together!

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