Liberal/NDP allegiance questioned by Shields

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With the critical vote of the budget coming up in the House of Commons, and in an effort to avoid losing the confidence of the House, the Liberal party allied themselves with the New Democratic Party. This was to ensure this critical vote and other critical votes would be able to pass. The NDP would support the Liberal Party on all critical votes and in return, the Liberals would focus on important matters to the NDP. This resulted in the budget being passed due to the majority of the House of Commons supporting it. Along with that, this also means the Liberal Party will stay in power for the remaining three years of their term as long as they uphold their agreement with the NDP who will support them in any vote of confidence.

With this new development in Parliament, MP of Bow River Martin Shields expressed his views on this situation. “It’s an informal coalition,” Shields said. “This basically has been occurring since 2019. The NDP has been supporting the Liberal government on any critical vote that could’ve defeated the government.”

Shields also talked about how this is finally an open omission of what the NDP has been doing for the past two years. As well as point- ing out the answer to the question of why the minority government has been able to stay in power despite the efforts of the opposition.

“When I get people saying ‘Why can’t the opposition parties defeat the minority Liberal government?’ Well, because the NDP have been propping them up for two to three years already,” said Shields. “It’s just something done more upfront. Here’s what the NDP want and supposedly what the Liberals will give them for that support. But trust me, that support was there and has been there for three years for anything critical. NDPs haven’t won the election and supported the Liberals every time there’s a critical vote. As people said ‘Why aren’t there non-confidence votes?’ There have been many but the NDP has always been backing the Liber- al government. So this formalizes it a bit more, but it’s been going on for some time.”

Finally, Shields speculated on how this allegiance could have long-term effects on the NDP and how it’s just going to be a repeat of history when this alliance last happened in Parliament.

“In the long term, it’s going to be difficult for people to say ‘Why should I vote for the NDP, you’re just Liberals’,” Shields said. “I think it’s a risk for the NDP to formalize this and I think that’s going to be the long- term effect for the NDP. Last time they did that 40 or 50 years ago, they lost big time at the next election. So it’s a risk for them.”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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