Library Board pushing for building at the new admin centre

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Citing a growing popula-tion and limited current facilities, the New Tecumseth Library Board is hoping to see a new Alliston library built at the site of the future Town of New Tecumseth Administration building.

The Alliston branch of the library on Victoria Street was built in 1982 and is a 4,200 square foot facility.

During the Town Council meeting on Monday, February 1, Chair of the New Te-cumseth Library Board, Mel Pyper said, “the chronic lack of space means there is limited space for readers to sit to review a book, there’s no room for students to do re-search, there’s limited space for running programs for children, and there is limited space to facilitate adult pro-grams.”

Mr. Pyper compared the Alliston branch of the library to the Beeton branch and the brand-new Tottenham branch of the library which have a “bright and spacious interior, and the new Tottenham library with a sunny, spacious and inviting atmosphere and well-equipped technical services.

”Both of those facilities have an area of over 5,200 square feet.Mr. Pyper described the Alliston branch as “gloomy, crowded, uninviting, and poorly equipped,” adding the facility “lacks the space, atmosphere, and services of a modern library and is a deterrent to attract new uses.”

He noted that the Alliston branch serves more than half the population of the town.

The Library Board wants to start planning now for the future needs of the community.

The Board has a five-year strategic plan that calls for a new Alliston library to be completed within the times of the plan.

Ward 4 Councillor Fran Sainsbury said that when the town originally purchased the property for the new Town Hall, the plan was for a new library to be Library Board pushing for building at the new admin centrepart of the structure on the north east part of the building and was to be added as a new wing after the adminis-tration centre was built and occupied.

However, an increase in the cost of steel during the construction of the Tottenham branch due to tariffs resulted some of the reserve funds to be directed to that project.Council is now considering options moving forward to see the construction of a new library and making the new adminis-tration centre a multi-use facility.

Brian Lockhart, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, New Tecumseth Times