Library kicks off new year showcasing a returning artist

Kicking off the new year for the Strathmore Municipal Library’s art gallery is Deb Klics, who is once again returning to showcase her works at the facility.

This time around, Klics has put up a display of mixed media and acrylic watercolour depicting landscape and garden imagery.

“Right now, I’m tending to do more collage things, so the rose garden ones I did … I took photos of my mom’s garden and then I printed the photos and collaged them into work,” said Klics. “The process is kind of freeing – I like the process of collage and mixed media.”

She added her landscapes on display consist of several layers including collage, painted and drawn components.

Klics’ passion for art as a hobby began at an early age, being from roughly fourth grade, as she explained. Going into post-secondary, she acquired a Bachelor of Education with a major in arts.

On her days off from teaching kindergarten, she said she makes the time to indulge in her hobby and get creative. Though the pieces she has on display at the library are indeed for sale, ultimately she said it is not about selling her work or making money off it.

“(Creating) gets me into the moment, so when I’m doing that I’m there and I’m not thinking about anything else. That’s what it does for me is it brings me into the moment of creating,” said Klics. “Maybe I’ve sold one or two pieces along the way, but (the library) is just a good place to show work and for people to see what I do.”

Klics added she also has pieces of her artwork on display at the Valley Medical Clinic, Okotoks Art Gallery, and she occasionally displays at the Leighton Art Centre.

Assistant Director of Library Services, Carmen Erison, said it is always a joy to have Klics return to showcase more work within the gallery, following the downtime which allows other artists their turns respectively.

“Every time Deb has exhibited, she has brought a new, fresh look to her pieces. What I really love about Deb’s work is that she is always constantly creating and trying new mediums and new styles,” said Erison. “It is always a real treat when Deb exhibits in the library because we always get to see what she is working on now, and her pieces are always so stunning.”

Klics’ pieces will be on display and for sale at the library for the remainder of January. Following which, Erison added the library still has several months which have yet to be spoken for if any local artists are looking to display their own works.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times