Lights out: Hockey fans disappointed with Fantasy Scoreboard gone silent

Lights out: Hockey fans disappointed with Fantasy Scoreboard gone silent

Matt Stockal's Fantasy Scoreboard is showing only zeros, but it has nothing to do with the Edmonton Oilers' scoring abilities. 

The scoreboard is supposed to link to NHL hockey results in real-time through an Internet-based application, display the information and light up when your favourite team scores. 

It's no longer doing any of that.

"It's pretty disappointing," said Stockal, who received the in-home mini scoreboard from his wife as a gift during the last hockey season. "I only got to use it for five months."

He attempted to contact the creators of the Fantasy Scoreboard to no avail. The company's website and Facebook page are no longer online. 

"We just couldn't get any answers, we just couldn't figure out what had happened," Stockal said. "They just disappeared."

Will Nault and Tyler Richards, two Edmonton-area hockey dads, created the product and started marketing it in 2016. It was endorsed by the NHL and sold throughout North America. 

Nault and Richards have not responded to inquiries from CBC News. 

Over the past few months, disgruntled scoreboard owners connected through social media and quickly realized that the issues were widespread. 

Eric Stenehjem, who lives in Moorhead, Minnesota, was also unable to connect with the makers of the scoreboard when it stopped working this summer.

His 11-year-old son Charlie had used his savings to purchase a Fantasy Scoreboard for around $300 US in March 2016.

The salesman told them that a new version of the application would allow Charlie to use the scoreboard to track his own hockey games. 

The new version of the application was never released, Stenehjem said. 

"He's very disappointed in it," he said. "It doesn't even do anything. It used to be a $300 clock, but now it doesn't even light up."

He hopes that the technology that powered the scoreboards can still be used by another company.

"I would love for them to be able to pass that software onto somebody that could give us something to work with," Stenehjem said.

Stockal is also hoping that someone will want to breathe new life into the device. 

"I loved it, it was fantastic. I loved how it lit up and everything, it was great."

In the meantime, he hopes the creators of the Fantasy Scoreboard will break their silence.

"It's not like the sale ends, and that's it," Stockal said. 

"There is a bit of sustainability in order to make the product function. It has to be sustained. I'm surprised that they didn't offer any explanation."