What it's like to experience the Olympics in VR

While Canadians all across the country often find themselves riveted by the Winter Olympics, the event also has an inaccessible element.

Most people have never gone off a ski jump, participated in speed skating, or hopped in a bobsled. As a result, some of the events can be difficult to connect with and understand.

One way that gap can be bridged is through virtual reality, where anyone off the street can be transported to the mountains or the luge track. So I went to the House of VR in Toronto to get a taste of the PyeongChang experience.

“I think that VR and sports is something that’s going to inevitably be a match made in heaven over time,” said Jonah Brotman, the House of VR’s founder. “You can try out sports and go down a bobsled run and try out things that, realistically, you would probably never do otherwise.”

In the video above I try my hand at skiing, bobsledding, people-watching, and more in an effort to find out what the sports VR experience is all about.