Lilah Parsons' empowering Valentine's Day message: 'You're not an empty vase'

Lilah Parsons is very happy being single!

Heart Radio DJ and model Lilah Parsons has no time for people who give ‘sympathy looks’ to singletons. 

Speaking on the latest episode of White Wine Question Time, Lilah said she often gets asked why she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

“I choose to be single,” she said. “I think it's easy to feel that there are set markers of success and happiness in your life. I'm open to the idea of a relationship, but not for the sake of it.”

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Lilah, who dated actor Laurence Fox for 10 months after his divorce from Billie Piper, said that to have a healthy relationship you need to like yourself first.

“You hear all these people in their wedding speeches saying, ‘He completes me’,” she told podcast host Kate Thornton. “I think that's utter bull****. You're not like a vase that's looking for its final broken piece to fit in.

“You need to be complete on your own, as a sole human, before you can have a functional, healthy relationship. If you're constantly looking for them to fulfil you, then it's not going to work because you're expecting way too much from them.”

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While she isn’t anti-wedding, she does believe fewer of us would get married if wasn’t such a big party.

“I love weddings!” she exclaimed. “I think they're beautiful and romantic, but I do wonder sometimes if people wouldn't get as married as readily if it was just a case of saying, ‘Here's a contract. Would you like to be bound to me for the rest of your life?’

“I don't think that's quite as sexy as saying, ‘Go and put on an incredible dress and we'll have a magical fairy-tale wedding.’”

While she’s more than happy with her single life, Lilah did post an hilarious photo on Instagram earlier this year, joking about one of the realities of single life.

The caption read: “Single problems.. Stuck in a dress at midnight on a Wednesday. Deciding whether now’s the time to introduce myself to my new neighbours and ask for help.”

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The niece of former Mi5 boss Eliza Manningham Buller, Lilah has a busy life as presenter of Heart Radio’s ‘Feelgood Weekend’ show from 10pm, but says she sometimes craves a 9-5 job.

“I work such weird hours and such weird days,” she said. “Like I'm always there ringing up my friends saying, 'Are you free? It's lunch on a Monday.’ 'No Lilah, we're at work!’”

Hear Lilah Parsons chat more about her life, social media and more alongside fellow Heart Radio presenter Anna Whitehouse on the latest episode of White Wine Question Time. Listen now on iTunes and Spotify.