Lily Allen walked in on James Blunt shamelessly having sex

Lily Allen is widely known for her candidness, so it comes as no surprise that her new album No Shame, takes a very honest look at some of the wildest moments of her life.

In one of the tracks ‘Trigger Bang’, the singer touches upon her time spent at big celebrity hot spots like the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, and London’s infamous Chiltern Firehouse.

And in a recent interview with Yahoo Be in Australia, Lily spilled the tea – or rather she got very blunt – on the most shameless thing she’s seen go down at one of those A-list haunts.

“I once walked in on somebody having sex with James Blunt in the foyer of my hotel room at Chateau Marmont,” the 33-year-old laughed.

Lily Allen spilled some tea about James Blunt. Source: Getty

“Not that it’s shameful to have sex with James Blunt, it was just that it happened to be happening in the foyer of my hotel room,” she added.

Whilst she didn’t give us time stamps, we’re guessing the incident took place around a decade ago.

It was the time that Lily and James were signed to the same management company, both of their careers were reaching starry new heights, and Lily was seen checking in for a stay at the Chateau.

Now in 2018, her most recent record, No Shame, marks Lily’s first album in four years and it’s definitely a banger.

Lily also shared some of her most shameless memories from her time Down Under. Source: Be

Even more excitingly, she’s set to tour Australia at the beginning of 2019.

Sharing some of her most shameless memories from her time Down Under, Lily gave us a throwback to 2007.

“Having to be pulled away from Mike Skinner by Kasabian on the Big Day Out tour…,” she told Be. “…having just downed a bottle of Jägermeister to myself.”

We hope next year she can create even more shameless memories.