Limerick begins work on Old Hastings Road

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Limerick Township had their Roads Committee meeting on June 28 and discussed the impending maintenance work on Old Hastings Road and the prospect of repairing the asphalt on Hwy 620 with some sealant, perhaps in partnership with Wollaston Township, if they agree to it.

Les Rowley, the township’s public works and infrastructure manager, said that the excavator had been rented for two months and should arrive by July 5.

“And actually, what I’m hoping is that we can get Old Hastings Road done sooner than the two months are up and then we can move the excavator and possibly do some ditching on some of the other roads we’d like to get done,” he says.

Rowley also gave a heads up that the construction signs had already gone up, so council and the residents will be seeing them around. He hoped there wouldn’t be too many complaints about the construction and the slowdowns as usually happens. He said the road is not too busy, so there shouldn’t be too many complaints.

“Basically, what we’re going to be doing is some ditching. I’m hoping to get some rock blasted out. They’re talking about doing that in August, as some of the places along there are a bit touchy. Some of the corners you can’t see around very well and the blasting of that rock will totally help with that,” he says.

Rowley also told the committee that they were widening the road in certain places, changing some pipes and then they’ll be putting out a tender for the placement of the gravel.

“But other than that, things are ready to go and the guys are anxious to get working on it,” he says.

Committee member Grace Hamm asked if one of Rowley’s crew was going to be running the excavator. Rowley replied that yes, one of his staff, Norm, was going to do so, and was very experienced with doing excavations.

Next up, the committee had a discussion on the wear and maintenance on Hwy 620. Rowley said that one of the things he was starting to notice was that the asphalt was starting to bust up a bit. While they had someone in to do hard crack sealing last year, it’s getting to the point where it needs more attention than that.

He suggested putting on a slurry seal coating on top of the road, perhaps next year, as it wasn’t really urgent to do this year.

“It’s something similar to what people put on their driveways to seal it, it’s quite similar to that. What it is actually is very fine stone and then it’s an asphalt mix with tar and they actually spray it on the road,” he says.

Once applied, it seals all the cracks and all the bad spots. Rowley wasn’t sure how much it would cost, but he knew it wasn’t cheap. However, it does extend the life of the asphalt considerably, by up to five years, in his estimate. He’d used it on roads up in Highlands East, where he used to work before coming to Limerick.

Rowley said that basically he was just looking for the committee’s approval to look into something like that to fix some of the issues with Hwy 620.

Councillor Kim Carson asked if there was any benefit to going in with other townships to get more of Hwy 620 treated, increasing the job’s cost effectiveness. Rowley said it was possible and he’d look into it. Mayor Carl Stefanski said he’d heard something about Wollaston Township doing some work on Hwy 620 so perhaps they could be approached. Victoria Tisdale, the clerk and treasurer, said she’d get in touch with Bernice Crocker, Wollaston’s clerk, about this.

“It may be more cost effective just because we’d be purchasing more product to be working with Wollaston on that. When we look into pricing, that’s something we’ll have to take into consideration,” she says.

In a motion by Carson and seconded by Hamm, the committee resolved to get township staff to look into the pricing for this sealant and possibly working with Wollaston on this project to reduce costs for both townships.

Tisdale says that with regard to the sealant for Hwy 620, she hasn’t been in touch with Wollaston yet.

“This is just an idea for now. I’ll be speaking with Bernice [Crocker, the clerk for Wollaston Township] once I have more information,” she says. “We will be researching the costs involved and getting in contact with them shortly regarding this to see what route they will be taking for their end.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times

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