Limerick Lake Estates discussion on planning committee recommendations

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At their Sept. 22 meeting, deferred from Sept. 20 because of the federal election, Limerick Township council discussed some recommendations made by the planning committee regarding Limerick Lake Estates. There were six issues discussed such as; making the development a single versus multiple phase construct, ensuring the proposed dock within the development got the proper permits from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the performance guarantee for the development and when it would be released, how much of a maintenance guarantee would be required by the township, whether landline telephone service was still necessary as stipulated in the original agreement and the amount of security that the township would need for thedecommissioning of an old well on the Limerick Lake Estates property. Mayor Carl Stefanski and council decided to vote to proceed with all the recommendations made by the planning committee.

At the last Limerick planning committee meeting on Sept. 14, chaired by Councillor Glenn Locke, the committee discussed Limerick Lake Estates and came up with six recommendations regarding the forthcoming development.

The first item was whether the development would go ahead without phasing. The committee noted that such a revision of conditions of approval should be reviewed by Hastings County to ensure they are in agreement before going ahead. They also noted that if Limerick Lake Estates is not phased, any mention of phasing will need to be removed from the agreement. If the development is all done with one phase, all roads, hydro and other amenities will need to be built in at once, although all lots within the estates can be built and sold without any limit on their numbers as would be the case with a phased development. One phase of development will also resolve issues such as condo fee or tax payment defaults as there will now be a means to collect those payments. Ultimately, the committee decided to have the county review the decision to have a single versus multiple phase development and they will be sending their response to the township’s solicitor, Kirsten Musgrove.

The second matter discussed by committee was that the proposed dock in the Limerick Lake Estates needed to receive permits from the MNRF before it can be constructed. They noted that all amenities within the development have to be constructed before the common element condominium can be registered and before the lots are conveyed. They indicated at the meeting that the drawings they’d gotten from Murray Davenport indicated that a concrete pad was needed at the high-water mark, and that the township needed to make sure that this pad is situated on the developer’s land and not on the municipal unopened shore line road allowance that is lying in front of the development. They recommended that a sketch be done by the developer’s surveyor to confirm the location of the dock within the boundaries of the Limerick Lake Estates property. In the end, Mr. Davenport responded and requested that the Ontario Land Surveyor prepare an R-plan to show the purchase of the shore road allowance. An R-plan or Reference plan is a graphic representation of descriptions of land, as well as representations of divisions of land under the Planning Act RSO, 1990, Ch.P.13.

The third issue discussed was the performance guarantee and when it would be released, so they can finalize the draft amending agreements. The committee recommended that it be held until the condominium corporation obtains the performance audit and any deficiencies in the performance audit are rectified, noting that the audit is obtained six to nine months after the condo is registered. The planning committee ultimately recommended to council that the performance guarantee be released upon the successful completion of the performance audit.

A maintenance guarantee was also talked about by the committee and whether one should be sought for this development. While this guarantee had been in the original agreement, no amount had been specified. The guarantee ensures that there is enough money to maintain the roads for the first year or so of the operation, and they noted that a typical maintenance guarantee was 15 per cent to 20 per cent of the total work cost estimate, although they acknowledged that since there would be no winter maintenance, a lesser percentage may be appropriate. Ultimately, the committee decided to require a guarantee of 15 per cent.

The fifth item the committee discussed pertained to landline servicing by Bell Canada, as stipulated in the original agreement. If no longer required, they recommended a clear resolution by the township that this was so, and it needed county approval. Ultimately, the planning committee agreed that cellular service in the development area was adequate to allow for emergency calls and that the land line servicing provision was no longer necessary.

The last item discussed by the planning committee had to do with the requirement of having security to decommission an old well, as written in the original agreement. Last discussed in detail at the June 7 council meeting, Davenport suggested to the planning committee a security amount of $10,000 for the decommissioning of the old well on the Limerick Lake Estates property once it has been found.

With no discussion or questions from any of the councillors or Davenport, Mayor Carl Stefanski called the vote and council went ahead with the recommendations proposed by the planning committee the previous week.

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times

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