Limerick passes final 2022 budget

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At their meeting on April 20, Limerick Township council received the final 2022 budget report from Victoria Tisdale, the clerk and treasurer. With the changes council directed Tisdale and staff to make at the March 23 special meeting, the tax levy increase for residents in 2022 changed from 0.4 per cent to 0.9 per cent. After some discussion and questions from council, the budget was subsequently passed for the 2022 year.

At the special meeting on March 23 at 12:30 p.m., Limerick Township council discussed their 2022 draft budget. Tisdale presented it and at that point, the township would see a 0.4 per cent tax increase for its residents. Overall, the total estimated 2022 expenditures came to $2,277,547.61 while estimated revenues for this year came out to $978,236.51, with accrual amounts from 2020 coming in at $114,015.60. Therefore, the difference to be raised by taxes is $1,185,295.50, which equates to the 0.4 per cent tax increase she mentioned for Limerick residents in 2022. Even with the changes discussed at the meeting, Tisdale said any tax increase would likely be under one per cent when she rolled out the final budget at the April meeting.

The changes that council directed Tisdale and staff to make to the proposed budget at the March 23 special meeting were; add back $500 to line no. 16-1258 Administration: Economic Development, increase the Fire Department salaries to include an assistant wage, move $16,000 to line no. 16-2160 Fire: Capital and Reserves, include the new computer expenses in the COVID-19 funding account, increase library funding to $3,500 and increase the donation amount for the library.

Tisdale told council at the April 20 meeting that she had brought the budget back as she had made the changes that they’d requested last month. And sure enough, as she had said at the March 23 meeting, the tax increase was under one per cent, coming in at 0.9 per cent, a half a percentage point increase over the increase proposed back in March.

When speaking with The Bancroft Times on April 20, Tisdale said she was happy that the 2022 budget had passed.

“All staff has contributed to the preparation of the budget, with the increase in part due to new positions created and to account for inflation,” she says. “I am happy that they approved it this year without too much hassle.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times

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