Limerick updates township website

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At the Feb. 22 Limerick Township council meeting, council discussed the impending update of the township website to make it more accessible. Victoria Tisdale, the clerk and treasurer, informed council that they had gotten two quotes for the work; one from Upnorthwebs and another from Floating Point. At Tisdale’s recommendation, council decided to go with the less expensive quote from Upnorthwebs in the amount of $6,000.

The township put out a tender and received two quotes to update and make their website more accessible. Upnorthwebs put in a bid for $6,000, while Floating Point put in a bid for $8,200. This cost includes the initial work to update the site and for one year of service and maintenance. Upnorthwebs is a creative studio owned and operated by Katherine Houlding north of Belleville. They have worked with a variety of municipalities over the past 15 years on their websites and their digital presence, including Faraday Township, Wollaston Township and the Tudor and Cashel Township. Floating Point is a creative agency with 25 years experience designing websites and internet presences for a variety of clients including Hastings Highlands, Mohawk College and the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada.

Tisdale recommended to council that they go with Upnorthwebs, since the quote was less expensive, and because they are already working on the township’s website providing service and maintenance.

“They service all the surrounding community. I’ve spoken with her [Houlding] and she’s got a plan. If council approves and decides to go ahead with that plan, we can have it implemented by next month,” she says.

Council subsequently voted to accept Tisdale’s recommendation for Upnorthwebs to continue working on their website.

Houlding confirmed that she had received confirmation of the acceptance of her bid, and that Upnorthwebs has been designing and maintaining the Limerick Township website since 2002.

“It has gone through many enhancements over the years,” she says. “I look forward to continuing our relationship with Limerick Township and providing them with quality website design services.

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times