Limited-production Odyssean Edition is the greenest Bentley Bentayga yet

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Ultra-luxury cars with six-figure price tags haven’t historically been the most environmentally focused vehicles, but that’s changing. Rolls-Royce will release its first EV in 2023 and convert its entire lineup to electric by 2030. Bentley is on pace to do the same, and today the automaker announced what it says is its most sustainable Bentayga model.

Bentley will build only 70 examples of the Bentayga Odyssean Edition and says that it focused on including sustainable, environmentally friendly materials such as tweed and responsibly sourced woods. Interior color groups with names like “Beluga,” “Porpoise,” and “Cricketball” give buyers a wide variety of three-color themes to choose from, and Bentley says the interior embroidery “sees thread colors blend calmly into one another across the width of each seat.”

The Odyssean Edition’s PHEV powertrain includes a 3.0-liter gas engine and a 100 kW electric motor. The two combine for 456 horsepower and can propel the stately SUV from 0-62 mph in 5.3 seconds. Bentley says acceleration is effortless because of the electric motor and notes a top speed of 158 mph.

An 18-kWh battery provides an all-electric range of 28 miles (WLTP), and drivers can choose between three modes to use or conserve battery power. EV Drive, Hybrid Mode, and Hold Mode can be engaged manually or selected automatically by the vehicle, but EV Mode is the default on start.

The SUV can automatically adapt power output settings based on road conditions, driving directions, and driver behavior. It also pokes the driver to let them know when to save battery.

In EV Mode, for example, Bentley uses the SUV’s navigation system with visual and haptic feedback to alert the driver when there are opportunities to conserve or regain battery power. The gas pedal vibrates when approaching an intersection or lower speed limit zone, letting the driver know to lift off and let regenerative braking take over. The system also vibrates on the transition between electric and gas powertrain components.

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