Lincoln's Model L100 concept is a gigantic, ridiculously futuristic EV sedan

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lincoln being part of the Ford Motor Company, Lincoln reached back 100 years to the Model L as inspiration for its Model L100 concept. The large luxury sedan combines Lincoln's take on autonomous luxury and electric vehicles. Because the vehicle is so low to the ground Lincoln decided to create four-foot-long doors that move out and open and a roof that lifts up to make it easier for passengers to get in and out. It’s an insane idea that’ll never make it to production, but the inside of the vehicle is an impressive take on how the one percent will ride around in the future.

Video Transcript


ROBERTO BALDWIN: Over 100 years ago, Lincoln introduced the Model L. The luxury sedan set the standard for the automaker as a high-end division of the Ford Motor Company. Fast forward to 2022 and the Model L is back as the Model L100.

The Model L100 reimagined is the automaker's view into the future of electrification and autonomy. Plus, it has this cool crystal Greyhound hood ornament. The vehicle is a celebration of 100 years of Lincoln as a part of Ford. It's an extension of the automaker's quiet flight design aesthetic.

In addition to the lightning signature up front, these wheel covers actually light up. They signify the direction the vehicle is going and can be used to show the state of charge. Do the wheels remind me of Tron? Yes. Yes, they do.

In a world of SUVs, the low-slung Model L100 looks amazing. It's wider and longer than a Lincoln Navigator, so it has the size, it's just a lot lower to the ground. Sure, SUVs have their place, but please give us more sleek sedans.

Even more insane is getting in and out of the vehicle. The doors, they pop open like this, and they're actually 14-feet long. This is the biggest doors you're going to see on anything. And the roof, well, it pops up. That way, if you're getting into this very low-slung vehicle, you don't have to like cram down like you would with a sports car. You have plenty of room to just sort of sit down.

Meanwhile, inside the vehicle, Lincoln has done away with steering and accelerator, brake. It's a level 5 autonomous vehicle, but you can still control where you're going to go. In addition to just setting routes, let's say you're driving down the road and you want to turn left at the next intersection. You can use this. It's called the chess piece and it's actually a crystal representation of the vehicle.

And you can just sort of turn it left, like you would with a toy car, and the vehicle will know that at the next intersection you want to go left. Going further down the road you want to turn right, just turn it right, and the vehicle will know, hey, next intersection, I'll turn right.

There are four seats in here. You have these two nice in the back. You have these two, which you can either sit facing me or sit facing the road. And what's interesting is that the floor, you don't have carpet, or shag, or anything. You have a giant display. Right now I'm flying over something purple. Potentially, Prince's house.

And what's interesting is unlike other automakers who have decided to put a giant screen in the car so you can watch Netflix, and Hulu, or whatever, because the canopy on this is just wide open, Lincoln wants you to sort of be in the moment while you're in this vehicle. So you sit back, you see the world as you're going by. This is definitely a high-end luxury vehicle. It's the kind of vehicle you take to the Oscars or to maybe some sort of cyberpunk show in a warehouse with other rich people.

Getting around Lincoln says it uses next generation battery technology with improved battery density. Now the Model L100 isn't a car you'll be able to buy, obviously, but it does show that Lincoln and Ford are thinking about battery chemistry and what it means for the future of lithium and other battery technologies.

The Lincoln Model L100 won't show up in any showrooms, well ever, but the design and the technology they're showing off in this vehicle will make their way into future Lincolns. For more automotive coverage next to cars with cool crystal greyhounds, be sure to subscribe to Engadget.