Lindsey Vonn's valentine: A shortlist of Olympic suitors

American ski star Lindsey Vonn is looking for a date in Pyeongchang. (Getty)

American ski star Lindsey Vonn is looking for more than just a medal in PyeongChang; it turns out she’s aiming to score a date for Valentine’s Day as well.

On the morning of, and two days from her first Olympic event, she took to Twitter to explain her situation at the Olympics, and ask if anyone out there in Twitter-land wanted to be her valentine.

The response, as you can imagine, was plentiful.

People from all around the world took their shot at Vonn’s heart.

But Vonn’s relationship history suggests that she’s got a type: athletes.

So here is the shortlist of five athletes currently occupying the Olympic Village that would be a good fit to take Vonn on a date this Valentine’s Day.

1. Pita Taufatofua

Tonga’s flag bearer made headlines at the Rio Olympics when he came to the Opening Ceremony oiled-up and shirtless, and then in PyeongChang he did it again.

This seems like the obvious choice for a Valentine’s date with Vonn, simply for the paparazzi pictures that would follow.

2. Valentin Cretu

Come on: this Romanian luge athlete’s name is Valentin and he looks, well, somewhat smooth?

Yeah, maybe not.

3. John Morris 

Considered the Brad Pitt of Canadian curling, Morris is a 2x Olympic gold medallist, firefighter, personal trainer, as well as a volunteer cook for the Ronald MacDonald House and advocate of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada, and, on top of all that, a published author.

Morris was also featured on ET Canada’s Valentine’s special as one of Canada’s most eligible bachelors, though that was back in 2010.

Perhaps it’s too late, but send the DM already, Lindsey.

4. Alex Kang-chan Kam

Vonn mentioned nothing about a long-term relationship in that Valentine’s Day tweet, and that’s good news for South Korean skater Alex Kang-chan Kam, who lives on the other side of the world, of course. But while they’re both in PyeongChang competing, this viral star would (at the very least) provide some fun and laughter to the Feb. 14 date.

5. Tim Hug

In complete transparency, this Swiss skier is probably the best option for Vonn. Not because they could talk about skiing all night, but because his name is Tim Hug.

Seriously that’s the best name ever for a Valentine’s Day date, and we’re only assuming he could provide an above-average snuggle.

Tim Hug is an Olympic skiier from Switzerland.

*Our apologies in advance to any of these athletes’ partners; this, of course, is all in jest. They did not participate in this list, and (to our knowledge) did not reply to Vonn’s tweet. 

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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