What links My Night With Reg, Abigail’s Party and Waiting For Godot? The Weekend quiz

Thomas Eaton

The questions

1 Who can agree on nothing except their inability to bake a pie?
2 Which type of vessel is first recorded at Formby in 1777?
3 The harlequin is an invasive species of what insect?
4 “Dydh da” is a greeting in what UK language?
5 Which two SI base units are named after people?
6 The gabelle was a French tax on what commodity?
7 What term for fantasy literature was coined by author Fritz Leiber?
8 Which child star became US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia?
What links:
9 Unkindness; charm; murder; ascension; parliament?
10 Inverness and Fort William via Lochs Dochfour, Ness, Oich and Lochy?
11 The Corporation; the Neptunes; the Smeezingtons; Xenomania?
12 Jean IV; Napoleon VII; Louis XX?
13 Freedom; Puma; Mandela Challenge; Bledisloe?
14 Delaware; Kentucky; Maryland; Missouri, Delaware (1861-65)?
15 My Night With Reg; Abigail’s Party; Waiting For Godot?

Who can bake a blueberry pie? Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Annie Oakley and Frank Butler (in the song Anything You Can Do).
2 Lifeboat.
3 Ladybird.
4 Cornish.
5 Ampere and kelvin (electric current and temperature).
6 Salt.
7 Sword and sorcery.
8 Shirley Temple (Black).
9 Collective nouns for birds: ravens; goldfinches; crows; larks; owls.
10 Caledonian Canal (Great Glen).
11 Songwriting and production teams.
12 Current pretenders to the French throne: Orléanist; Bonapartist; Legitimist.
13 Trophies within the Rugby Championship: South Africa vs New Zealand; Argentina vs Australia; Aus vs SA; Aus vs NZ.
14 Slave states that remained in the Union during the American Civil War.
15 Plays in which the title character doesn’t appear.