City, NCC can't feel the love over unauthorized Lion King ads

The new remake of The Lion King has been getting some harsh reviews — and you can add Ottawa's path and sidewalk users to the list of critics.

Over the past few days, several people have shared photos on social media of advertisements for the Disney film plastered on local walkways.

The ads have popped up on the paths along the Rideau Canal, as well as on Sparks and Elgin streets.

Some of those people asked the National Capital Commission, which oversees the pathways that run along federally owned land, what they were doing about the marketing stunt.

"It's trash and should be removed," one Twitter user wrote. 

Removal underway

The NCC told people upset with the stencils not to worry: they would be requesting their removal.

CBC News asked the NCC for more information — including whether it knew how many advertisements had appeared, when they were put up and who was responsible — but the agency said it would not be commenting further.

In an email, the City of Ottawa said there is a process for public advertisements, and it wasn't followed in this case. 

"It would appear that the proper approvals were not sought for these advertisements. The city will be working with the organization in question to determine the next steps," said a statement attributed to Kevin Wylie, the city's general manager of public works.

The city did not indicate when the ads would be removed. 

Disney did not respond Wednesday afternoon to a request for comment.

Trevor Pritchard/CBC