Lionel Richie compares 16-year-old rocker girl to Janis Joplin following incredible performance

Eight singers went home on American Idol Sunday night as the top 16 were revealed, and one of those lucky contestants was 16-year-old high school student Casey Bishop, who judge Luke Bryan previously stated was "the damn winner of American Idol," after her first audition.

On Sunday, Bishop delivered a rocking performance of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun," which not only blew the judges away, but also viewers at home.

Bryan stated, "You can sing anything you want to. I mean, there's so many amazing notes in what you just did, and it was Soundgarden and it was crazy. It's just really impressive. And why you chose rock, I'll never know, but it's your thing and you can sing, no matter what you sing," while Lionel Richie gave the best compliment, as he shared, “It's fascinating to watch you because you start out as this fairy princess, and then you end up being close to Joplin. I don't know where we're going with this, but I want to know where the extra pair of lungs are on you, because you're holding these notes out to the point of just plain phenomenal."

Finally, Katy Perry stated, “You're dangerous, and I like it."The other contestants probably think Bishop is “dangerous” too, because she’s a real threat in this competition.