Lions Roll Around In The Grass With Pure Happiness

Lions are among the most powerful and majestic animals on earth. Often referred to as the King of Beasts", there are few creatures that inspire such awe and wonder. These contented lions roll in the grass, enjoying the sunshine on the African plain in Kenya. Male lions are larger than females and the dominant male rules the pride. The pride consists of a few younger males, several females and their cubs. Lionesses hunt in groups, preying on larger herbivores such as wildebeest, antelope, gazelles, and even giraffes. Although lions occasionally hunt humans, this is extremely rare behaviour. Lions are active during the day, but they can adapt to become more active at night. Lions are one of the most recognizable animal symbols in human culture, being depicted as an example of bravery and courage, strength and power. They have been the subject of stories and paintings for thousands of years. They have also been common in movies for decades. Lions can reach an impressive size of 175kg or 386lbs. Solid muscle, they are formidable and ferocious beasts. As hunters, they are among the most capable on the plains. Often, lions will come across the kill of other predators and they will chase them away to scavenge a meal. They rely on an ambush attack in many cases because they do not possess great endurance. A short burst of speed and a final leap is their preferred method of taking down prey. They will capture an animal and bite it on the throat or enclose its muzzle in their mouth to suffocate it. These lions have possibly eaten very recently as they seem more interested in resting and playing than looking for a meal. A lion rolling happily in the grass is a rare and delightful sight.