Lisa Nandy makes it onto final Labour leadership ballot

Katy Clifton
Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy: Getty Images

Lisa Nandy has become the second candidate to make it onto the final ballot in the Labour leadership contest.

The MP for Wigan picked up the nomination from Chinese For Labour, on top of endorsements already received from the MUN and GMB unions.

She joins fellow Labour leadership contender Sir Keir Starmer in making it through the nomination process.

Speaking after making it onto the final ballot, Ms Nandy said: “As someone of mixed heritage, I’m incredibly proud that it is Chinese For Labour who have secured my place on the ballot paper."

She added: “They do incredibly important work to ensure we are a representative and inclusive party that can truly speak for modern Britain.

“I’m now looking forward to getting out into the country and laying out my vision for reuniting the party, rebuilding trust, and returning Labour to power at the next election.”

It comes after Sir Keir became the first candidate to receive the necessary support to make it onto the ballot after being nominated by retail trade union Usdaw.

He said on Tuesday: “I’m honoured to have received Usdaw’s endorsement for the Labour leadership.

“Our campaign is building unity across the labour movement, amongst trade unionists and members.

“Usdaw represent over 400,000 workers and fights every day for its members and for a fairer society.

“If I’m elected leader, Labour will stand shoulder to shoulder with the trade union movement as we take on the Tories and rebuild trust with working people.”