The It List: ‘Deadliest Catch’ returns for an 18th season, ‘Captive Audience’ on Hulu takes a look at a family unwittingly caught in the spotlight and more pop culture picks for the week.

This week on The It List: Over on the Discovery Channel, Deadliest Catch is back for an 18th season and the captains face an unusual challenge as the Alaskan government has shut down red king crab fishing for the season. On Hulu, a new documentary called Captive Audience looks at one family's relationship to the media and true crime stories with a look at the Stayner family, who saw seven-year-old Steven kidnapped in 1972, only to escape 7 years later, and who later watched Steven's brother Cary become a serial killer in 1999.

Finally, National Geographic's Explorer series features a new episode called Explorer: The Last Tepui. The documentary tells the story of a climbing team, which includes Free Solo star Alex Honnold, helping biologist Bruce Means make it to the top of a Guyanese rock formation known as a tepui in the hopes of finding an as-yet-undiscovered animal species.