List reveals the tourist wonders closer to home

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A magnificent milkyway panorama at the Kielder Observatory in Northumberland, one of the many tourism wonders in the UK.
A magnificent milkyway panorama at the Kielder Observatory in Northumberland, one of the many tourism wonders in the UK.

The seven wonders of the world may be a little out of reach for a while yet but Brits have been reminded to embrace the excitement on their own doorstep.

From alpaca trekking in Kent to Sussex's Fat Tuesday, the UK’s biggest Mardi Gras festival, events, attractions and activities are just some of the delights and discoveries much closer to home.

With uncertainty still surrounding foreign travel, a majority of Brits surveyed (61%) think the UK is an exciting holiday destination, according to research from Original Cottages.

They have compiled a top-ten list of hidden gems around the country as part of their ‘Discoveries on our Doorstep’ campaign – with many UK tourists admitting they don’t know enough about what their own country has to offer.

Seeing the northern lights doesn't need a big-money trip to the arctic circle with Northumberland being a great spot to view the whirling colours of the amazing Aurora Borealis.

And you don't need to head to the Great Barrier Reef for a unique scuba diving experience - with over 300 shipwrecks off the coast of Norfolk the perfect playground for underwater adventure.

Cornwall's stunning Minack Theatre, with the Atlantic Ocean as its stage back drop, also makes the list, as does taking a spin with a team of Siberian huskies in Yorkshire.

It isn't necessary to travel to India's Jaintia Hills for a caving adventure, you can find one closer to home in Wales.

And Dorset's world-famous Hat Festival, staged in the market town of Bridport, gives you the chance to show off your best headwear and raise money for charity.

According to research, dining tops Brits list of holiday requirements, so the top ten list includes unusual eating experiences, from authentic pizza on Wales' River Teifi to a cafe in Kent with a collection of 8,200 teapots.

"We're all getting used to being at home more but there are some incredible places on our doorstep," said Original Cottages’ Sonia Holman.

"You really don't need to travel the world to find these amazing experiences and attractions, and our team of local experts pride themselves on their knowledge of the lesser-known or unexpected activities and places that make stays truly memorable.

"The UK is full of remarkable sights, in all four corners of the country - from Cornwall to Kent and from Yorkshire to Wales, and with so much uncertainty around foreign travel at the minute, it is a great opportunity to explore those gems that are closer to home than people might realise."