The It List: A new season of 'Black Market' with the late Michael K. Williams, a TLC documentary on a 22 year-old living in an 8 year-old's body, and more pop culture picks for the week.

THis week of The It List: Vice TV is premiering the new season of Black Market With Michael K. Williams, just months after the actor and host died of a drug overdose. The show explores illicit trades and the underground economy. Meanwhile, TLC is offering up a new documentary called I Am Shauna Rae, about a 22-year-old woman living in the body of an 8-year-old girl due to a childhood cancer diagnosis. Finally, Ava DuVernay is bringing the comic book Naomi to the small screen at the CW. The show tells the story of a 16 year-old who discovers she has superpowers when supernatural events start happening in her town.

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- "The It List" is Yahoo's weekly look at the best in pop culture. Here are our picks for the week of January 10. The second season of "Black Market," a Vice docuseries about illicit trade and the underground economy, is premiering four months after the death of host Michael K Williams. This season explores gambling, gun running, credit card scams, and features William's own personal reflections on crime and life.

- Our goal is just to simply show the world a window as to why people do the things they do. It's like they say, if the system fails you, you create your own system.

- A new documentary about a 22-year-old woman living in an eight-year-old's body is airing this week on TLC. "I Am Shauna Rae" tells the story of a young woman whose cancer diagnosis as a baby led to a final height of 3 feet 10 inches and follows along as she tries to make her way as an adult who is often seen as a kid.

- I'm working on my independence. People tell me I'm a fun drunk. So it's something like that.

- Yeah.

- You're a natural.

- And I'm determined to make this year my year to shine.

- Ava DuVernay is bringing a new series to the CW with "Naomi." The show is based on a recent DC Comic book series and tells the story of a teenage girl who discovers she has superpowers when strange events start happening in her hometown.

- You were there that day. Do you know what it was?

- It may have something to do with people like us.

- What are you talking about?


What you call it, I call living.

- Are you a superhero?

- No, no.

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