Literacy a community pillar in Fort Nelson

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At the Fort Nelson Public Library, residents continue to keep connected to their history, as well as the rest of the world, where computer services, movie rentals, and more are on offer.

Adult Service Librarian Everly Radford says the library has started its own history project, digitizing old photos and newspapers from the Northern Rockies.

One volume of the Fort Nelson News is in the hands of the library. Pioneering newspaper publisher Margaret ‘Ma’ Murray started the paper in 1959, at the age of 71. Before giving a voice to the Northern Rockies, Murray was also the founder of the Alaska Highway News, which had been printing stories sent in by residents of Fort Nelson.

“The idea was to have digital copies and upload it to database, and then make that available to the public,” said Radford. “The history project has a club for anyone who wants to get together and talk about old photos. It was very popular.”

The library continues to be a space for the community to gather and access simple services like the internet and weekly summer reading clubs.

“Every week we have packages for kids and prizes,” she said. “But we’ve also been trying to do things for holidays, like Mother’s Day, and so on.”

Take home kits were also available during the pandemic for families, says Radford, while in person programming is planned for September.

Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative, Alaska Highway News

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