Little boy is brought to tears after unwrapping gift: ‘He is so genuine’

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A little boy’s grateful response to opening up a present has hit TikTok right in the feels. 

Back in 2020, mom Carli Swift posted a video of her son unwrapping Christmas presents. But his touching reaction didn’t become a viral hit until this year when it was reposted by @Overtime where it received nearly 700,000 likes. The sweet boy will make even the coldest hearts melt in about three seconds. 

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“If you buy me literally anything, I’ll have this reaction,” Overtime wrote in the caption. 

Swift’s son tore into the gift wrap of a small box as he sat on the couch. But when he saw the present was an iPhone, he was totally taken aback. 

“You got this for me?” he said, his voice cracking into tears. “I like it.” 

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Another voice can be heard saying, “Oh my god,” in total surprise of his gratitude. 

TikTokers were moved by the little boy’s appreciation for the high-tech gift. 

“His raspy voice made my heart smile. He is so genuine,” someone commented

“He is grateful! He is not just a kid that takes his parents for granted. He deserves it,” another wrote

“Aw, am I the only one crying?” a user said

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