Little Girl Preciously Demonstrates How To Train Your Dog To Do Tricks

Every kid that ever got to grow up with a dog and their best bud can consider themselves privileged. Dogs are the best friend any kid can have, not just because of the playtime and the endless amount of love they have to share, but also because they can teach kids some invaluable lessons in life.

Now, while we do think of our dogs as members of the family, the difference between animals and humans does require for at least some basic training. The simplest commands, like ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘heel’ will make a world of a difference with you dog, but teaching your dog to fetch a beer might come in handy sometimes.

This girl, although still so very young, already knows the best way to train your pooch and in this adorable video, she will ‘learn’ us how to train our dogs to do tricks, with Shadow the German Shepherd as her trusty side kick.

Her first advice is to have treat in a bag, or in this case, a jar. “If you don’t have one of these, then buy a container. And if you don’t have a bag of treats, then buy one.” she says. Sounds simple enough. “But before you do anything, make sure the dog is trained.” she adds. We guess she’s thinking about the basic commands.

She shows us well mannered her buddy Shadow is, by sitting still with a treat on his head while waiting for his cue.

In the end, she wraps her presentation with a disclaimer that you should ask your mom and dad if you want to try this with your doggie! She is so adorable!