Little girl shows off prosthetic leg to enthusiastic friends

Anu shows off her new blade to her classmates. Video still from Twitter

A little girl in Birmingham, England, has the full support and enthusiasm from her classmates after she arrived at school with a new sports blade on her amputated leg.

Footage of the girl, named Anu, shows her walking into a schoolyard full of children in grey and yellow uniforms. A swarm of boys and girls run up to the seven-year-old, curious about her new addition.

“Is that your new pink leg?” one classmate asks, while they gather around her. Another expresses her amazement with a simple “wow”.

Soon, a little girl with pigtails and glasses gives Anu a hug, while another does the same. Anu then playfully runs away as her classmates chase after her. She’s then shown holding hands with a fellow classmate, as they take big strides together in unison.

According to the Independent, Anu had her leg amputated after she was born. The new prosthetic allows the little girl to run and dance with ease, and must be replaced every two years.

The video inspired some on Twitter to attempt to be more accepting other others. Others expressed their admiration for children’s pure hearts.