Would you live with cockroaches for $2,000?

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Would you live with cockroaches for $2,000?
Would you live with cockroaches for $2,000?

A pest control company in North Carolina wants to pay people $2,000 to release American cockroaches into their homes.

Pest Informer says on its website that it is hiring 5-7 homeowners and plans to release about 100 cockroaches in each abode. It's part of a study to test new techniques to get rid of the pests.

The company says it will be filming its removal attempts, and all treatments will be family and pet safe.

The duration of the experiment will last about thirty days -- which, if you ask us, seems like a long time to cohabitate with cockroaches.

If the project doesn't go as planned, the company says it will use traditional methods to evict the invaders.

Applicants must meet a few requirements - namely, they must live in the continental U.S. and be at least 21 years of age. An application can be submitted right on the Pest Informer website via Google forms.


Cockroaches are most active in the summer, making the warmer months prime time for an infestation to occur.

They tend to lay low in the winter, but outside temperatures make no difference once they've gained a foothold inside a building. When that occurs, it's best to call a professional for help.

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