A live roach in the orange juicer. Moldy food. Rodents. Miami Don Pan bakery problems

Rodents, hot water issues and bad things — one of them moving — in the orange juice got a Don Pan International Bakery blasted by Florida Department of Agriculture inspectors on Wednesday.

The Don Pan at 4172 NW 107th Ave. in Doral was open Saturday morning after inspector James Zheng came back Friday and released some of the Stop-Use Orders.

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The Ag Department inspects packaged food sellers, from supermarkets to FedEx stores; bakeries from wholesale to retail; food processors, food storage and food distribution facilities. Unlike state restaurant inspectors, Ag Department inspectors can’t close down an entire establishment on a terrible inspection. The inspector can, however, drop so many Stop Sales on products and Stop-Use Orders on equipment and areas that it’s not worth opening for business.

And, in giving this Don Pan a “Re-Inspection Required,” Inspectors Zheng and Catalina Ordonez slapped the place silly with Stop Sales and Stop-Use Orders.

From the inspection, some of the problems Inspectors Zheng and Ordonez found:

“Old dry rodent droppings found behind the reach-in freezers located on the second floor.”

Also, old was the sliced turkey breast, was sliced eight days before the inspection. After seven days, food is supposed to be basura.

The walk-in cooler proved its worthlessness by not getting shredded cheese and diced ham under the maximum temperature of 41 degrees after four hours. Stop Sales hit the cheese and ham.

A display cold unit with small desserts measured an ambient temperature of 43 to 47 degrees. Obviously, the unit’s incapable of getting food under 41 degrees, so it got hit with a Stop-Use Order.

Someone working in the deli area didn’t wash hands after entering the food prep area and before handling food.

Deli processing area workers apparently didn’t understand the whole “single use glove” concept, “washing their gloved hands at the hand sink instead of discarding their gloves, washing their hands and donning a new pair.”

There weren’t any paper towels at the handwash sink next to the cold holding units.

“No hot water available at hand sink located inside employee/customers restrooms.” The inspection said Don Pan has 30 days to get hot water at the restroom hand sinks.

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Ware washing also was a problem, as the chlorine solution at the three-compartment sink measured too week for proper sanitizing.

The steam wand of the coffee machine “and in contact with milk” wasn’t washed, rinsed and sanitized after four hours.

“Old food debris was encrusted on the slicer blade, plate, blade guard, and meat grip of the slicer placed on the preparation table,” the inspection said. “Old dry food residue was encrusted on the floor mixer located next to preparation table.”

“Black mold-like grime encrusted at the interior housing of the ice machine.”

Speaking of mold, “cleaned oranges placed inside the orange machine were visibly soiled with black mold-like accumulation on the surface in direct contact with the oranges.”

But, that wasn’t the biggest problem with the orange juice machine.

“Live roach crawling throughout the orange juice machine. Live roach crawling on the floor throughout the deli preparation area. Stop-Use Order issued on all open foods processing and equipment.”

That last sentence sent Stop-Use Orders crashing down on the food service area coffee grinder; coffee machine; ice machine; display cold unit; hot holding unit; kitchen steam table; kitchen cold unit; a kitchen oven; microwave oven; the kitchen flat grill; kitchen ice machine; juice machine; stoves; three-door cold unit; all deli area processing, preparation and food handling; and, of course, the orange juice machine.

All those Stop-Use Orders got lifted Friday. The one for the dessert cold unit remained.