Local Aboriginal Veterans

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Emile Highway is the President of the Prince Albert branch of the Saskatchewan First Nations Veteran’s Association. With over 20 years of service with the Canadian Armed Forces and a residential school survivor Highway has seen the good and the bad of life. He told the Eagle Feather News that First Nations veterans “are the forgotten soldiers. We keep on recruiting and trying to get people to join and help educate people about what our people did in the wars….Part of my job is to make society at large aware that Aboriginal people signed up by the thousands in the two world wars. Those are real heroes.” The Aboriginal Veterans Honour Tribute List records more than 6600 Indigenous veterans, Canada wide. It includes First Nations, Metis, and Inuit but is not conclusive. The tribute list is a growing tribute to those who have served and individuals who know of a name that has been missed, can complete forms on the site to add to the Tribute List. I have included Metis names that were identified as from our area but unfortunately many were only identified as being from Saskatchewan. I have tried my best to not miss any that are on the Tribute and to any who may not be identified I apologize. To find the page merely search Aboriginal Veterans Honour List.One Arrow First Nation:

Baldhead, EdwardBaldhead, James LukeBaldhead, Joseph HBaldhead, PhilipBaldhead, ReneBlackman, Stanley JohnPaintednose, FrancoisPaintednose, WilfredPaul, HarryPaul, ThomasProsper, LouisWaymistigoos, Maystiqoos

Muskoday First Nation:

Bear Albert EdwardBear, Albert Jr.Bear, BerniceBear, CarmenBear, Charlotte GeraldineBear, DarcyBear, Douglas BertieBear, EdnaBear, ElmerBear, GilbertBear, Gilbert JamesBear, HerbertBear, IvanBear, John EdwardBear, John Sidney ForbyBear, JosephBear, Joseph WilfredBear, LenaBear, LionelBear, Mervin (Marvyn) JohnBear, ReggieBear, RobertBear, RoderickBear, TerranceBear, Walter LBear, WilfredBird, JohnCharles, John RichardCharles, Percy JDreaver, Arthur LDreaver, Charles (Charlie) OliverDreaver, EdwardDreaver, George WHeffernan, CoreyMirasty, MaryannMunroe, George ThomasMunroe, MichaelParks, William

Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation:

Bear, George ArnoldBighead, AndrewBighead, CharlieBighead, JohnBusby, BertEyaphaise, Edward StanleyEyaphaise, DonEyaphaise, ErnestEyaphaise, FrankEyaphaise, John HenryGamble, AmbroseGamble, Francis XGamble, NorbertGamble, VincentGamble, VitalGardippie, RJGardipy (Gardippi), GabrielGardipy (Gardippi), NoelGardippi, Patrick (Kaapistikwan)Gardipy, PeterGardypie, HarveyGardypie, HilliardGardypie, LouisGardypie, RolandGardypy, PMike, EliOkemaysim, ArthurOkemaysim, JosephOkemaysim, NapoleonPaul, AmbroseSeeseequasis, GeorgeSpence, GregorySpence, HenrySutherland, AlbertSutherland, Jean MarieThomas, Charles RichardThomas, RCYahyahkeekoot, Fred

James Smith Cree Nation:

Brittian (Brittain) MarshallBrittian, PatrickBrittian, WilliamBryant, AlfredBurns, Riley DufferinBurns, ThomasClarke, Lawrence NDaniels, Alice EdnaDucharme, GilbertHead, WilliamMcLeod, AbelSanderson, Wilfred

Metis:Cunningham, Thomas Yellow CreekCunningham, Vernon Yellow Creek Petit, Alfred Fish Creek Young, Martin Birch Hills Pilon, Edmond BatocheRacette, Marcel Batoche Duck Lake

Arcand, James Arcand, WilliamBoyer, John BaptisteCaplette, Jean (John) BaptisteDumais, CharlesDumont, AllenDumont, AugustDumont, LawrenceDumont, ProsperFerguson, Leon Ferguson, WalterFisher, ErnestFisher, EugeneFisher, JosephFisher, JulesFisher, Marie JameFisher, WilliamFleury, ClementGariepy, CharlesGariepy, NelsonGariepy, RemiGariepy, RomualdLadret, Alfred MaximilianLadret, BenoitLadret, BrunoLafontaine, PierreLaframbroise, EdwardLaframbroise, JosephLaplante, WilliamLaviolet (Laviolette), GildsLedoux, NapoleonLejour, PatrickLejour, VictorMontour, DennisMontour, LouisMontour, MauriceMontour, PascalMontour, WilfredOuellette, GabrielOuellette, Israel Ouellette, JamesPaul, DonaldPaul, HenriPaul, IsraelPaul, JamesPaul, WilliamPetit, AlfredPetit, ClaudePetit, DonatPetit, Jean MariePetit, MacelPrimeau, FrederickSt. Denis, ErnestSt. Denis, Raoul, OliverSt. Denis, VictorVandale, FrankVandale, NorbertVandale, William

Others not listed as part of a particular First Nation:

Blackman (Dog Tail), Azarie Duck Lake & Batoche

Gamble, David Sask. (included because of Gambles at Beardy’s)

Gardippy, Edward (Ed) Duck Lake

Racette, Zacharie (Zacre) Duck Lake

Venne, Robert Batoche


Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Wakaw Recorder