Local athlete headed to Brazil for World Cup

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Strathmore’s Aliera Chernoff is set to attend the World Youth Reigning Cup in Brazil later this summer and is seeking community support to help get her there and back.

Chernoff is one of 30 young athletes who have been selected from 30 different countries to compete at the cup. As opposed to attempting to transport their own animals to the competition, riders will be riding on sponsored horses at the competition.

Chernoff explained her selection to compete was decided through a competition by Reigning Canada and Reigning Alberta, which was won largely based on her pervious wins, experience and accomplishments within the sport.

“I was the NRHA Western Canada affiliate 1418, champion in 2021 … and I was the AQHA Canadian National Champion in reigning and ranch riding and 2019. And then I showed all last year, too,” said Chernoff. “I’m pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished and I’m super excited to go and represent Canada and Strathmore down there to Brazil.”

This won’t be Chernoff’s first go-round on the international stage. In 2018 she travelled with the Calgary Stampede Showriders to Pasadena, and in 2021 she travelled to Oklahoma to display her mare.

Beginning to ride at the age of eight, Chernoff said she started off simply doing it for fun. After meeting her 4-H coach, who she attributes getting her into reigning, she developed a passion for the sport.

Similarly, Chernoff added she does not come from a family engrossed in equestrian sport or rodeo.

“I was just hooked on it … I hope to be doing it for the rest of my life,” said Chernoff who was introduced to riding through a friend who kept a horse.

Regarding what it takes to get into the sport, Chernoff said it takes practice and dedication in order to excel.

“I usually try to ride as much as I can during the week and having good coaches and a lot of support makes a huge difference,” said Chernoff, who is looking to raise $5,000 in order to help fund her travel to Brazil to compete.

“We’re just looking for some sponsorship and donations just to cover like the fights and expenses to go down there. We are also thinking about, for donations, we could get some small gifts to give to the owners of the horses because it’s so awesome that they are sponsoring horses for the youth to ride,” said Chernoff who is set to compete at the World Youth Reigning Cup on Aug. 26.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times

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