Local Athlete to play in Team Alberta Senior Bowl

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Football Alberta is once again hosting their annual Senior Bowl High School All-Star Game for graduating grade 12 students, and one player from Strathmore will be participating.

Matthew Oslanski was among the 40 players selected to participate on the “South Team” following the final practise from April 20-22.

According to Oslanski, the final selection was a three-day camp which consisted of two practises per day, followed by a scrimmage on the final day.

“The first day was pretty bad because it was Friday in Calgary, and it was a snowstorm. We had to play in slush, and it was super wet, not really fun to do stuff,” he said.

“I didn’t do too well that day, but then Saturday and Sunday, I picked it up and did way better.”

Among the 150 athletes trying out, Oslanski and one other were the only applicants from Strathmore.

The North Team would be comprised of players pulled from schools north of Red Deer, while the South Team is made up of players from South of that dividing line.

Oslanski said the competition was tough in order to pass selection for the team, as the other applicants were among the best graduating players in South Alberta.

The South Team will have six practices over three days together over the course of the May long weekend, prior to the game on the Monday.

While playing in Strathmore, Oslanski was a wide receiver, and will play the same roll on the South Team.

Oslanski said he has been playing football since grade seven, after a friend had encouraged him to try it out. Having been playing hockey at the time, Oslanski hung up his skates and traded them for cleats.

“I just love the environment of football, especially camps like this where most people are friendly. It’s a very good way to learn leadership and how to be good with other people and work with other teammates.”

Post High School, Oslanski plans to play junior league football, then university level if he receives an offer to do so.

Oslanski has thus far received an offer from the Okanagan Sun in Kelowna, BC to play. He said the offer came following his acceptance to the South Team for the Senior Bowl.

“The (purpose) of the Senior Bowl and Team Alberta and all this is mainly for exposure for players to get looked at by scouts. For example, the Calgary Colts are a Junior (League) team in Calgary and they are the ones who ran the camp this weekend.”

The Senior Bowl consists of one game which is scheduled to be played on May 23.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times

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