Local author publishes collection of children’s books

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A frog who won’t ribbit because he wants to be a bird and fly, a little boy who is very frightened, a story of missing children, and a mystery on a British train ride. They’re just a few of the characters and plots lines that are introduced and can be found within the pages of author Alex McLellan’s books.

Alex McLellan, a local author who previously published the children’s book Jeremy’s Monster and describes herself as being a “writer since the day she could write”, has now released three children’s books adding to her collection of self-published tomes.

The three children’s books that McLellan has released throughout 2020, include a second edition of her story “Jeremy’s Monster”, “The Frog That Wouldn’t”, and activity book “I Can!”

From writing about a character’s fear of a monster, to a frog’s dream to fly McLellan says her books are about inspiring children.

“I would like to positively inspire the community to achieve their goals,” said McLellan.

While publishing her children’s books, McLellan has also released a collection of short stories for adults called “Deadly Shorts”. In the collection of 13 short stories she takes the reader through a story of missing children, a mystery on a train and dealing with Alzheimer’s.

“Death is the resounding theme, but death comes in all different forms and kinds, you could die in a lot of different ways, and the story is more about life but with life comes death,” said McLellan.

Speaking to the inspiration to some of her stories McLellan said that some of it comes from her own children while others have come from stories she’s heard.

“People are very interesting to me and I find everyone has a story, everyone has a story and my imagination is relentless,” she said.

With three new books published and the print of a second edition of Jeremy’s Monster, McLellan says she is not done publishing books for the year with the second editions of her books The Memoirs of Mrs. Olivia Foxworthy and Always Olivia set to come out before Christmas. She is also working on a novella scheduled for publication in 2021.

“It’s always been my goal to publish books, but this time I decided to go with print on demand with Amazon and it’s seeming to be a very good route for me compared to traditionally publishing,” said McLellan.

McLellan’s books are available for purchase in person at Cobwebs and Caviar in Shelburne as well as Booklore in Orangeville or online through Amazon.

Paula Brown, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Shelburne Free Press