Local Council to investigate available land for churches

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Council and the Town, has received a number of inquiries from religious orga-nizations as to the availability of land in Shelburne for the use of churches. Deputy Mayor Steve Anderson brought up these requests to Council on Monday night, asking if there was available land in the industrial or commercial zones for these organizations to utilize. The question was then addresses by the Town Planner, Steve Wever. Mr. Wever noted that places of worship must be located in either Residential or Institu-tional zoning only and that currently, no available land is being offered for sale, to his knowledge. He did say that there is presently undeveloped land zoned for institutional use, owned by the Arch Dio-ceses and surrounded by the Summerhill Subdivision, on Highway 10.Mr. Wever also noted that there’s land surrounding Centennial Hylands school, owned by the Upper Grand School Board, but that to his knowledge neither site is currently for sale. Speaking to the ques-tion of Industrial land use, Steve noted that under the Ministry of the Environ-ments Land Use Compatibility Guidelines, a church is considered a sensitive land use and consequently limits the potential use of surrounding lands. As a result, he has tried to steer that use away from Industrial Zones so as to maxi-mize the potential of those lands for indus-trial or commercial ventures. Councillor Benotto spoke up to say that he believes that the Arch Diocese has plans for their land and will move forward with those shortly

Peter Richardson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Orangeville Citizen