Local Family Loses Home to Fire

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On Saturday April 10, 2021 Logan and Danielle Gaudet and their three children of Bellevue experienced the devastating loss of a fire, losing not only their house but their garage and vehicles as well. The young family was left with nothing. The couple’s oldest child is only seven years old, and the two youngest are two and one, while baby number four is on the way.

At 6:05 pm on April 10, the ST. Louis Fire Department was dispatched to a garage fire in the Hamlet of Bellevue. Upon arrival, the Chief determined the house to be a total loss as the fire had jumped to the house from the garage. Firefighters turned their efforts to contain the structure fire from moving to the neighbouring houses. Assistance came from the Birch Hills Fire Department, Wakaw/Hoodoo Fire Department, Wakaw EMS, Wakaw RCMP, and the local SaskPower and SaskEnergy employees who of course needed to turn off utilities to keep everyone safe. Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the affected property and worked for hours putting out hot spots and completing an overhaul.

The community of Bellevue quickly rallied around the family with a Go-Fund-Me page established by Travis Wourms to raise some money to help them “get by” until insurance money began to come in to help with food, clothes, diapers, toys, pet food and all the necessary day to day things a young family with very young children might need. The monetary target of the Go-Fund-Me was $7000 and three days after it was created the total was over $11,000. The daycare in Bellevue, Le Centre éducatif Les Petits Pois, also reached out to the residents of Bellevue and the surrounding area for immediate donations of clothing, diapers, personal care items and food for the family’s dogs.

La Belle Patate Bistro, the small restaurant in the hamlet, had hoped to host a Kaiser tournament this coming weekend to help raise more funds for the family to help them get through the next few weeks. The owners of La Belle Patate Bistro were hoping to get 40 teams of two people, so that they could run the two separate days with 20 teams each day. However, the tournament would have been in violation of the provincial Public Health orders and all plans had to be cancelled. Individuals who wish to donate money instead should contact La Belle Patate Bistro through Facebook, via telephone at 306-423-8888, or by stopping by at 716 Main Street, in Bellevue.

Jackie and Emile Gaudet, Logan’s parents posted a thank-you on Facebook. “As parents to Logan and Danielle we want to thank the responding fire departments, EMS, and RCMP for your service in such a traumatic time. We also really want to thank our local and surrounding communities for the tremendous support our kids and grandbabies are receiving. Thank-you all so very much!”

Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Wakaw Recorder