Local farm hosts a Winter in Wonderland

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Residents of Ridgetown and the surrounding area didn’t have to travel far to experience Winter in Wonderland.

To celebrate the Halloween spirit, Angela Guyitt and her family decorated their house and property with spooky Halloween spirit. Just a few months later, Guyitt and her family continued with the holiday spirit.

The Knotted Willow Farm, located at 14559 Talbot Trail, hosted A Winter in Wonderland. The event, which ran from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., started on Dec. 12 and ended on the 19th.

Owner Angela Guyitt, who planned the outdoor event with cousin Dionne Cameron, said they wanted to bring all aspects of the holidays together for everyone to enjoy.

“It’s not all about Christmas and the enterprise around,” said Guyitt. “For me, the inspiration is hope, kindness, sharing life’s experiences and community. To bring joy to everyone and for those who need it most, a little glimpse of happiness.”

The event featured a candy shack with baked goods, hot chocolate, a Santa’s Workshop with an animatronic Santa, a vintage talking Christmas tree, a Narnia-themed entrance, a Christmas tree forest and a Yuletide fire.

According to Guyitt, the turnout exceeded her and Cameron’s expectations as more than 300 people arrived on the first night and an additional 200 people the following night.\Although outdoor public events in Chatham-Kent can have up to 100 people under the province’s yellow-protect stage, the event capped visitors to 50 at a time.

As the Knotted Willow Farm was lit up with lights from vendors and attractions, extra power was needed. Guitar said the original plan was to have power moved to the garage this year; however, due to COVID-19, it was not possible to do so.

“I haven’t checked the bill yet, but I am sure it’s up there,” said Guyitt. “It is worth all the extra power (money) to help bring communities together for a greater cause. Giving to others, bringing joy.”

Each family also received two free raffle tickets to win door prizes.

Guyitt added she is thankful for help from her kids for bunkering down in the cold and helping out, to her family for the support and help and to those who volunteered and helped decorate. She also wanted to extend a thank you to her cousin Dionne Cameron for her love and dedication to the event, as well as her husband and kids.

Guyitt says while she would love to put on this event every year, she will have to wait and see what next year brings.

“As for the budget, I think we would not spend too much more, as we have lots already. Maybe invest in an alternative power supply and more extension cords,” joked Guyitt.

Bird Bouchard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Ridgetown Independent News