Local football player recruited to Calgary Colts

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Local football player Kaden Warren has been recruited from Strathmore High School’s (SHS) team to play for the Calgary Colts in the upcoming season.

“I’m really excited, it’s going to be quite a big change from playing at SHS and it’ll be a lot more high tempo and it’ll just help me better myself as a person and as a player,” said Warren.

Colts head coach Dennis Holowaychuk said he had been aware of, and keeping an eye on Warren’s progress as an athlete for a while and didn’t hesitate when it came time to recruit him.

“We actually reached out and we were aware of him early on. He has a pretty good football background and has played on some of the U18 games. He’s a pretty talented young man,” said Holowaychuk who added that the Colts have been increasingly looking outside of Calgary for new players to bring on, as some of the smaller towns and cities have really begun to adopt quality athletic programs.

“Strathmore, their program (has been) taking off the last couple of years, and so we’re getting a lot of those kids,” said Holowaychuk. “(Warren) comes as a defensive back, but I think he played some receiver as well … so he’s a pretty well-rounded athlete. He runs well and he’s a good cover guy.”

Holowaychuk commended Warren’s game sense and ability to understand not only what’s going on around him, but to make good decisions on the fly.

Additionally, Holowaychuk said he’s happy to bring on a defensive back who both knows how to and is willing and able to be physical.

“Quite often, guys who play defensive back aren’t really big enough or are not physical enough because they’re not really big. Kaden’s size is good … his run support is really good, meaning if a running back comes through the line of scrimmage, he’s able to light him up pretty good,” said Holowaychuk. “From a receiver point of view, he’s a really good tackler, he brings it so to speak. Nowadays … so many of the rules come into play that you can’t be very physical or hit very hard, but he’s got that in him for sure.”

Calgary Colts players range from being 17 to 22-years-old. Kaden, being 18, is going up against more mature guys on the team for a spot on the starting line.

“I’ll be the young one again and I have to listen to the older guys and let the coaches coach me and completely just follow the rules of being a rookie,” said Warren. “I’m not going to let that slow me down, I’m still going to show them what I can do and if I can get a spot over one of the older guys, I’ll get a spot. I know my place, but I’m willing to work hard to get up.”

Warren will be eligible to remain with the Colts until he ages out but aims to use them as a steppingstone into playing university football at a university that will take him.

Practices start July 22 and the first official league game of the season will be on Aug. 14.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times

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