Local Last Post Fund Veterans Remembered

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The Last Post Fund began in April 1909, being catalyzed by a man named Arthur Hair, who after witnessing a deceased Veteran’s body go unclaimed; raised funds to give the soldier a dignified funeral. There is estimated to be several thousand Veteran graves that go unmarked in Canada, and it is part of the Last Post Fund’s mission to give these Veterans a military gravestone; or in the case of insufficient funds at the time of death — a proper burial. Recently, the Last Post Fund has provided military gravestones to deceased Veterans in Taber that didn’t previously have one. There is James Milne, a Second World War Veteran that passed in 1956 at the age of 70, Anton Westwong who served in the Second World War and passed in 1946 at the age of 49, and Edward Ellingson who served in the U.S. Army and in Hawaii during the Second World War. He passed in 1982 at the age of 68. These gravestones will be tended to and looked after forever, and you can visit them if you wish to honour the Veterans. For more information or to donate to the Last Post Fund visit www.lastpostfund.ca.

Kenyon Stronski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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