Local music experts discuss Ottawa's best tunes of 2017

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Local music experts discuss Ottawa's best tunes of 2017

Local music experts discuss Ottawa's best tunes of 2017

What local songs did you listen to most in 2017?

Three music aficionados sat down with CBC Radio's All in a Day last week to chat about what Ottawa artists they've had on repeat over the last year. 

First on the list for John Thompson was Home by Telecomo.

"It's just a record I played a lot all year," said Thompson, who owns The Record Centre in Ottawa. "When Telecomo will play [live], it's just a rollicking good show. They are a great live band."

Other songs Thompson loved were Do You Feel Reactive? by the New Calling and Oblivious by No Mistakes in Space.

For Erin Flynn, a station manager at the campus radio station CHUO-FM, one of her favourite songs was The Last of the Who Heads by Expanda Fuzz. 

She also gave a shout-out to the live show from New Swears, who released their latest album And the Magic of Horses in June.

"Their performance is wild. High energy, almost out of control," Flynn said. "They really bring their audience in to have fun with them." 

The group formed in 2012 when the four members shared a room and ran a DIY venue. Flynn said she loves the storytelling behind the lyrics and the atmosphere the artists create when they perform. 

If you're a fan of R&B and hip hop, Matias Muñoz from Ottawa Showbox — which covers the local music scene — recommends checking out the tune Jungle by Slack Bridges. 

"They all just love this music. The lead singer cut his teeth in the punk scene in Ottawa, but has another side to him," Muñoz said.

Something that stood out about the band's most recent album, Joy of Joys, was the mix of sounds. 

"It's full of bangers, and full of a lot of emotional tunes, but also songs like this one," he said. "I put this on and it makes me happy."