Local photographer showcases passion for vegetation found in Southern Ontario

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A local photographer is teaming up with a local jeweller to showcase her photography of local scenes on art cards.

If you’ve ever seen someone walking around town in a khaki vest loaded down with camera gear, that would be Cathie Wright -- a relatively new resident of Ridgetown.

Wright was raised in rural Stoney Creek in the Niagara Region of Ontario. She graduated from Mohawk College with a certificate in Commercial Art. She spent several years working as a graphic artist for Seldon Printing in Hamilton before attending York University to earn an Honours Degree in Visual Arts, specializing in Art History.

Her skills in illustration for advertising soon shifted to photography. Not long after, she became the presenter for Olympus America. She would do weekly multi-media presentations at camera clubs, photo seminars and trade shows across Canada and the United States.

After having moved to the interior of British Columbia in 1997, where she continued with her passion for photography, she then moved back to Ontario in 2017. Wright admits she was homesick for the Victorian architecture and the unique Carolinian vegetation found in Southwestern Ontario.

According to Wright, the grandeur of the mountains in British Columbia has nothing on the unique characteristics and vegetation found in Southern Ontario.

“You must move away and come back again to really appreciate what southern Ontario has to offer,” said Wright. “We take a lot for granted in this truly wonderful area around the Great Lakes.”

When she is not out and about, Wright spends a lot of her time renovating her vintage home on Alexander Street in Ridgetown.

Her galleries featuring both colour and black and white infrared photography can be viewed on Smug Mug and Vimeo. You can view her image galleries by visiting the following links: photocathie.smugmug.com and her multi-media videos on vimeo.com/cew133408243.

“I think Ridgetown residents might be surprised at what my images reveal in my Railway Trail gallery and other galleries featuring local parks surrounding Ridgetown, such as Rondeau, Trees Memorial Park, Clear Creek, E.M Warwick and our local lotus ponds at McLean Conservation,” said Wright.

Additionally, Wright’s work can also be found at Mitton’s Jewellers in town, where Charlie Mitton has coined her as “Ridgetown’s own photographer.” Several card selections of Wright’s work can be purchased at the local jewellery store.

“My work reflects my background in art and my special love for nature photography,” said Wright.

Bird Bouchard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Ridgetown Independent News