Local teen finds success at debut men’s physique competition

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A local youth was recently crowned victorious during his first on stage competition at the TNT Muscle Showdown in Sherwood Park, Alta.

Landon Wielgosz, 17, placed first in the Classic Physique Bodybuilding (16-19) class, which is scored on a per cent scale on five mandatory poses, with a maximum weight for Landon’s height being 237 pounds.

The youth then also placed fourth in the open True Novice Men’s Classic Physique class, which applied a similar ruleset and was reserved for athletes who had never competed before.

“It was great [but] definitely a stressful process. With everything said and done, once I stepped on stage it was an amazing feeling, it was an overall great experience,” said Landon. “I met a lot of great people and I can’t wait to start prepping for the next one.”

He added comments from the judges suggested his posing and muscle conditioning were correct, and it was recommended he continue to bulk up even further if he is to continue competing.

“I guess I nailed the hard parts and I’m just going to take some time to put on size and come back even stronger than ever,” said Landon.

He added he’s been training to compete after discovering a passion for the sport.

“I’ve been training for the past three or four years and the last two years I decided that I wanted to actually start training for a bodybuilding show,” said Landon. “It was a great experience overall. There was a lot that went into it and I’m glad that when I got on stage I reflected all the work that I put in throughout the prep and it was super satisfying to take home the win.”

Landon described training for the stage as a 24-hour sport that requires dedication and discipline. Initially training to get stronger for other sports played in school, Landon said he found he simply enjoyed lifting weights more than playing other sports.

According to Landon’s father, Mark Wielgosz, the youth presented on stage at a height of 6’2” weighing in at 165 pounds. Wielgosz added his son’s competition saw many other athletes who were both older, and heavier than Landon.

Wielgosz explained the process has been a steady one, developed over the entire time Landon has been interested and it isn’t exactly for the feint of heart.

“It’s not something that happens overnight. People try to get the quick results, but Landon put in the time and effort to get quality results and knowing that it’s not an overnight process, he stuck with it,” he said. “With the kind of effort and the focus and the discipline it takes to get to the point where you can step on stage is certainly a proud moment for any parent, but it’s also something that I say that carries into other aspects of life.”

Landon said he currently takes in roughly 4,000 calories per day, constantly drinking protein shakes and eating mostly proteins. He described adequate food, rest and training as the things he is consistently concerned with and maintaining a strict regimen.

“It’s not exactly what every other kid my age is doing … I need to stay focused and stay on my schedule,” he said.

Landon said he plans to step back on stage in another few years and hopes to one day be in the professional spotlight.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times

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