Local youth blasts past Terry Fox fundraising goal

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This year’s annual Terry Fox Run and fundraising event, hosted by the Strathmore Run Club on Sept. 18, got off to a flying start as their previous goal of raising $5,000 had already been smashed ahead of their run.

Following the start of the fundraiser about a month ago, Theo Gosling (8) and his father, Matt Gosling, wasted no time getting right to work.

As of Sept. 16, Theo had managed to raise $6,532.10 out of the total $7,552 that had been raised locally for the Terry Fox Foundation.

“This is his fifth run. He’s been doing this since he was just into his fourth year and being that he doesn’t have a bunch of contacts I put out a little blurb on Facebook and I emailed a couple of work associates,” said Gosling. “This just took on a life of its own and Theo ends up calling anybody who donates and thanks them for their efforts and their financial contribution. It’s kind of gotten a little bit overwhelming this year.”

Donations have been tracked through the Terry Fox Run website. The largest single contribution Theo has brought in is attributed to AIM Environmental Group, having donated $2,500.

Other donations Theo and Gosling have brought in range from an anonymous donor pledging $25, up to a $1,200 donation from Premium Ag Solutions Inc.

“I thought I set out a target for something like $2,500 or I think it was in the top five per cent of Canadian fundraising last year,” said Gosling. “I forget what we raised last year, but I thought it was somewhere around two or three thousand. I thought if we could do that again and keep up that effort, it would be pretty great.”

Gosling said he and Theo got started after Theo took the initiative and said he wanted to start fundraising right after the launch date of this year’s campaign. For their family, fundraising and being able to help make a difference holds personal significance.

“We have had a neighbour, friends, and Theo’s aunt – my sister, had cancer so that’s a reason he has taken onto it, to do something for them to help find a cure,” said Gosling.

Gosling added amidst their family, there are another three younger children in the house, so the goal is to eventually get the whole family in on fundraising and make a family activity out of the annual event.

“It brings me joy. I want to keep trying to bring up as much as we can,” said Theo.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times