New location for apartments

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MT. BRYDGES - “It really amazes me how something that seems so simple can get so complicated,” said Ward 2 Councillor Larry Cowan at the top of a lengthy council discussion about an affordable housing project in Mt. Brydges. Council has directed staff to proceed with the required steps to undertake a zone change on a piece of green space on the north end of the town, to permit a multi-unit residential building on the lands. Monday’s council meeting was the first time councillors had a chance to speak to the proposal. “I can name numerous examples of folks who have had to leave our community, who raised families here, or are just starting out - my own two children being examples,” said Councillor Neil Flegel, who lives in Mt. Brydges. He urged those with concerns to be patient with the rezoning process, which will provide a venue for public comment. The land at 22647 Adelaide Road, approximately 1.3 acres in size, is the newest under consideration for a township-proposed 30-unit affordable apartment building. The previous location in Cenotaph Park was rallied against by residents before, during, and after an open house held on Wednesday, 3 February 2021. Township staff say this was not the only site considered. A location further north, near the old public works yard on Falconbridge, was written off as being too far from downtown amenities. Lands along Glendon Drive near the Legion are municipally-owned, but designated “open space” in the township’s Official Plan. Jennifer Huff, Manager of Building & Planning, says the Official Plan amendment required for that site would add months to the process, straining an already tight timeline to comply with the anticipated CMHC funding programme. An open house will be a part of the rezoning process. Residents will have the floor to share concerns and ask questions. A date has yet to be set.

McKinley Leonard-Scott, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner