Internet slams Logan Paul's negative review of 'Nope': 'A masterclass in not knowing what movies are'

The internet is roasting YouTuber, actor and wrestler Logan Paul — once again. Paul is accused of not only missing the point of Jordan Peele’s hit horror film Nope but also being the point of the movie.

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Paul took to Twitter after watching the film to offer the Oscar-winning director some feedback. While the controversial vlogger applauded Keke Palmer’s performance, he declared Nope, “one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time.”

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He then dropped an extremely long thread that will likely make little sense to anyone who hasn’t seen the movie. However, Paul’s main critique was that:

“I love Peele, the VFX & aesthetic,” he wrote in his final tweet. “But my thesis is this: I can feel him attempting to recreate the shock from Get Out and Us. Mystery, violent allure & cinematic choices made for the sake of reaction instead of legitimate contribution to the storyline killed this movie for me.”

The issue that Twitter users had was that Paul didn’t seem to understand the themes of the movie at all. While the story focuses on a possible alien invasion, it’s actually an allegory for Hollywood and the entertainment industry. In Nope, Peele posits that our obsession with screens has largely distorted our ability to experience reality and discern truth from the spectacle.

This is precisely why the internet is taking great amusement in an influencer entirely missing the point of a movie critiquing the issue he is complicit in.

“The fact that Logan Paul doesn’t like Jordan Peele’s new movie Nope and is confused deeply by its allegories of Hollywood being a monster that kills moral-less people is too ironic to not mention. Also makes me enjoy the movie even more,” @BryanJamezzz said in a tweet.

“logan paul saying that nope was bad is so ironic considering he’s literally a real life example of the main message in the movie,” @goldcccc wrote on Twitter.

“Of course Logan wouldn’t like #NOPE the movie is talking about what he actually is… spectacle for profit without purpose. AND #NOPE, I am told, is ridiculous on purpose.. like @LoganPaul and his brother,” @oldmanebro commented in a tweet.

“The Logan Paul NOPE thread is a masterclass in not knowing what movies are or how to think/talk about them,” the user @handsome_pal said on Twitter.

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