New logo for Bayham Fire Department

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Bayham council voted to change the fire and emergency services logo in a virtual council meeting on Thursday, April 15.

Fire Chief Harry Baranik told council members that he ran the idea by the district fire chiefs and members of the fire department, and all were supportive of the logo change.

“This is taking from a standard logo, and putting on a more modern version, making sure we’re actually representing our community in our new logo,” said Chief Baranik.

The new logo kept the tradition of the fire department’s Maltese cross, while blending the municipality logo of a lighthouse, river, and green space. The word “Fire” is displayed at the top of the logo, the words “Emergency Services” at the bottom, and “Bayham” in the lower part of the municipality logo.

Mayor Ed Ketchabaw asked whether Bayham would use the existing stock up first. Chief Baranik confirmed that they would.

“I don't believe in spending money unnecessarily,” said Chief Baranik. “Things such as letterhead will be, of course, right away but stock that we have, we will use up first.”

Deputy Mayor Rainey Weisler commented that she loved the logos, and suggested some alterations. “I just wonder if ‘Bayham’ would show up better in the middle. On the one design with colour, I lose the word ‘Bayham.’”

Chief Baranik replied, “I will try to get it a little bolder to make it stand out more.”

There is no immediate cost to the municipality, other than the $54 cost for the use of imagery.

Chief Baranik wrote he sees this as a “go forward” process. He would place the logo on new vehicles when purchased, letterhead from the department, and T-shirts. Fire department members could use the logo on apparel when purchased, if approved by their station chief.

The new logo may be a cost in the future. Initial research indicated the current cost for new shoulder flashes would be $475 per 100. If Chief Baranik sought this avenue, it would be included in a future budget request.

Veronica Reiner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Aylmer Express