So long, 2020: Iconic waterfront sign switched out early

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Good riddance, 2020.

See ya. Buh-bye.

Don't let the zero hit you on the way out.

Now git!

Those were the sentiments of a handful of people who stopped by the Charlottetown waterfront Wednesday to watch the iconic 2020 sign get changed over to 2021.

According to city officials, it was done a week early because of business closures during the holidays — and that was just fine by Julie Doneff.

Danny Arsenault/CBC
Danny Arsenault/CBC

"It's an emotional thing," she said as the large red zero was replaced by the numeral one.

"I stood here watching it thinking of all my family in Ontario, all my family and friends here…. You just want 2021 to be so much better."

The big red numbers, which were first erected in 2014, have been a popular place for photos over the years.

A crane was used Wednesday to lift the old number out and replace it with the new one.

Chris Kenny, who works at Weld Tech in Charlottetown where the metal numerals are manufactured, said the new number is welded into place to make sure it is secure.

Danny Arsenault/CBC
Danny Arsenault/CBC

"They're really solid when we're done," he said.

The old zero will be stored with the other numbers until it is time to use it again in 2030.

But after a year hijacked by COVID-19, Doneff said they should've thrown it right out into the water.

"Why not be dramatic?" she said with a laugh. "They could've fished it out later. They could've burned it."

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