'Long road' to recovery for boy injured in Smoky Lake school bus crash

The father of two boys injured Monday in a school bus crash outside Smoky Lake, Alta., says one son faces a "long road" to recovery.

Jered Serben said his younger son, Jacob, 7, suffered minor injuries, including a concussion.

His older son, Jedd, has been moved from ICU to a surgical ward and is likely to remain in the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton for another week, his father said.

"His surgery has gone well, it was successful," Serben told CBC News. "He had some significant injuries. It's going to be a long, long, long road, lots of rehab. But we are on the right path."

Serben said Jedd has made significant progress in the two days since the crash, which sent eight people, including five students aboard the bus, to Edmonton hospitals.

The school bus collided with a truck-mounted crane Monday morning about 300 metres from Serben's home.

Serben said he was among the first on the scene. The first responders and others who were there did what they needed to do to help all the children, he said.

"It was a really trying time. But the most important part was we got all the kids out and safe, and they're all mending."

The support the family has received has been incredible, with family, friends and strangers offering help.

"We own a farm," Serben said. "The chores were done, repairs to the fencing were done. Volunteers coming out to help out with our store to get it open."

The store on the family farm sells meat and eggs and other fresh food. Reopening the store has helped things return to a sense of normalcy, he said.

Families with children who were injured and people in the community at large are banding together, he said.

"These kids are all going to recover and it's going to make us all stronger and make the community strong. We're all going to stick together and everybody is going to get better together, and we're going to carry on."

Smoky Lake is about 115 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.