A look at what will be inside the new Markdale hospital

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As of Monday, March 1, ground work has begun on the replacement for the tired Markdale hospital facility. The new location will be beside Grey Gables County long-term care home on Hwy. 10.

There’s a billboard on the property with the architect’s drawings of the building.

Here’s a look at plans for what will be inside the 68,000 sq. ft. facility:

- state-of-the-art hospital with expanded procedures offered

- oncologists, stroke and other specialists will come to Markdale to see patients, meaning fewer trips for people to places like London or Barrie, President and CEO of Grey Bruce Health Services, Gary Sims said.

- other services like mobile scope procedures.

- larger 24/7 emergency room area with better flow and centralized nursing stations to help staff

- an ambulance bay for two ambulances.

At this point, one palliative bed and four short-stay patient beds have been announced. The present hospital has 14 beds. But Mr. Sims has said in the past that he’s looking for that number to be increased.

Hospital stays have been shortened, if not eliminated for many procedures, he said. As well, hospitals are not used in the same way for long-term nursing care for the elderly.

Even if the number of beds goes up from the planned four, hospital care is not going back to the long stays that required more beds in the past. Mr. Sims gave the example in a previous interview that Owen Sound was built as a 400-bed hospital and now has 169 beds.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald